In light of the global pandemic, I am limiting my contact with the outside world-- this includes you!
I would absolutely love to stay in touch, however. I am available for the following adventures:
in-person rendez-vous



day & 1/2


one day


18 hour  overnight


12 hours 

8 Hours 


6 hours


4 hours


3 hours


2 Hours


in-date extension

600 / hour

Pen Pals
Phone Conversations

30 minutes • 100

1 Hour • 150
Let's talk about whatever comes to mind!

30 minutes • 150
1 Hour • 200
Tell me all of your deepest, darkest secrets. I have a few I'd love to whisper in your ear.
Video Conversations
30 minutes • 200
1 hour • 300
As close to a face to face friendly coffee date as we can get for the time being! 


30 minutes • 300
1 hour • 400
Exhibitionism meets voyeurism.   

Weekly • 400
Monthly • 1000
Unlimited texting during waking hours & occasional selfies !

exclusive photos
five (5) photos • 200
video clips • inquire


I am willing and able to meet during my waking hours, which vary but can be arranged with advanced notice. While I occasionally can be available on short notice, please don't count on it. I prefer a few hours' notice for video chats, and at least an hour's notice for phone chatting. I require at least 24 hours notice for in-person rendez-vous, especially for those of whom I'm only just meeting, so that I can review screening information and otherwise prepare for our meeting. I will not meet a true stranger. I also will not meet on short notice unless you are verified and pay a deposit prior to meeting or chatting.


I require full payment up front for any and all services at this time to guarantee our time together. I accept a variety of discrete electronic payments.


I get it – life happens and sometimes you can't follow through. However, I respect your time, so please do the same by giving notice if you need to cancel.

If you cancel within 4 hours of our appointment, your deposit will used for our next session. However, if you No Call/No Show, that's 100% of your deposit lost. It's mine. Consider it asshole tax.

No Review Policy

For many reasons, you will find absolutely no reviews of me online, and I prefer for it to stay that way. While I have no doubts that the friends I've made along the way would be happy to gush everything positive and affirming regarding their time with me, I have made a conscious decision to maintain a no-review policy. Despite their supposed usefulness for determining compatibility, they are inherently unreliable methods to verify the accuracy of a model’s photos and the information on their site. I also take serious issue with how review sites are run and the lack of autonomy and equity in the review process. They contribute actively to a culture of denigration and overt objectification of women and models alike. Additionally, review boards require explicit descriptions of illegal activities in which I do not engage. I am photo verified on Eros, Slixa, and Tryst, and, while I hate social media, am hoping to be active enough on Twitter and Instagram to prove that I'm a real person, living a real life.

I fully understand concerns you may have about revealing your identity and personal information. I am an established and experienced atmosphere model, and I take both my privacy and yours with the utmost seriousness. I have gone through great lengths to develop security measures for both parties to maintain our mutual privacy. I value my reputation and our mutual needs for discretion and privacy. I have never and will never expose anyone's identity or any personal information, as I would hope would never happen to me. I am a firm believer in the golden rule, and I expect that you are, too.