In light of the global pandemic, I am limiting my contact with the outside world.
I am available for extended in-person rendez-vous and virtual dates.


getting to know you

Intentional devotion to each other for a short time-- an introduction into intimacy like you've never experienced. 

1 hour, $800

90 min, $1200
2 hours, $1400

3 hours, $2000

adventures on mars

A stroll through the park, sharing a meal, a day of bliss and respite... the possibilities are endless.

4 hours, $2500 (2 hours public, minimum)

6 hours, $3000 (4 hours public, minimum)

8 hours, $3500 (6 hours public, minimum)

12 hour, $4000 (10 hours public, minimum)

Daytime hours only.

practically yours

An extended, worthwhile investment. I'm happy to plan a rendez-vous tailored to our mutual interest, or to follow your lead. Whatever we do, we'll have so much fun, you & I.

18 hour overnight, $5000
24 hour staycation, $6000

weekend vacation, $7000
24 hour extension after 2 days, $1000 per day

Public activities, meals, and at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep for extended dates are compulsory. 

fly me to the moon

I'll meet you where you stand & where you intend to set foot, nationally & internationally. I'm passport-ready and fully vaccinated, so I would love to accompany you abroad.

6 hours, $3000 + airfare (minimum for US travel)

18 hour, $6000 + airfare (minimum for international travel)

24 hour, $7000 + airfare
weekend vacation, $9000 + airfare

24 hour extension after 2 days, $1000 per day

Airfare, lodging, and meals are to be covered by you.


Sometimes, we want more; sometimes, we want something different. Here's how I can help.

in-date extension, +$700 (per hour)

couples & duos, +$200 (2 hour minimum)


phone call, $200 (per half hour)
video call, $350 (per half hour)

texting, $200 (per day)

photo set, $300 (5 exclusive photos, taken just for you)

the fine print

I ask for a 50% deposit to confirm all in-person rendez-vous and full payment for digital meetings. I accept a variety of discreet digital payments, and, with advance notice, cash deposits via mail or in person at least 48 hours before our planned appointment. Please enquire to find a method that works for you.

The above rates do not include an incall location fee. I'm willing to book our lodging, provided you send the full cost of our accommodation along with the deposit for our meeting.

For outcalls, please include a travel fee of $100 per hour of driving to & from San Francisco proper (or whatever city I'm visiting, should we meet while I'm touring), when applicable.