chthonic companion



This may sound a bit strange, but stumbling upon me was no coincidence.

In a world of chaos, surprisingly, there is providence.

You were drawn to me by the red thread of fate, led here because you're seeking something different-- perhaps more accurately, someone different. 

Allow me to lift the veil.

It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.


How does one go about the convoluted task of introducing oneself? With a name? Through some eloquent narration of one's essence? By one's actions, in time? I've been named many things: muse, enigma, magic.

For now, you may call me Olivia. You'll figure out the rest once we've met.

Should you wish to know a little more before braving an introduction, please use the links below to familiarize yourself with my rates, expectations, and taste.


I aim to be a respite of unconventional opulence and luxury without the burden of pretense, to embody a formidable bastion of debauchery and delight.


Little hedonist that I am, I aim to find pleasure in everything I do, and there's a certain indescribable ecstasy in meeting new friends that leaves me starry-eyed and breathless... and a deeper joy in leaving that feeling lingering within others.


Can you remember the last time you were so instantaneously enamored that you began to put stock in past lives?


When is the last time you lost hours in conversation with someone new?


Here, at the tips of your fingers, you have a woman that is captivating, charming, charismatic, and clever, beckoning you closer. Someone warm, vulnerable, and self-possessed is waiting to embrace you. A dabbler in the profane, rustling feathers of the mundane, striving to provide company that is nothing short of enchanting… in other words, a perfect companion and partner in crime. 

But, somehow I believe you know this already.


Why else would you be here if not to answer the call to adventure?